Benefits of Shower Commodes

Benefits of Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are one of our most important products for our customers they are speciality units
used for transporting people with disabilities, injuries or other medical reasons. They are used around the shower, toilet, house,
outdoors etc. Here are 4 reasons as to why shower commodes are beneficial to our customers:

1) They are transportable

Shower commodes are usually very light and transportable meaning that it is easy to move around not just at home,
but can also easily be carried and fit into cars to stay at someone else’s home, a hotel, the hospital etc. Here at Treatably
we offer high quality shower commodes that can be easily transported to most places.

2) They improve your safety

In the bathroom there is a slight chance you can fall or slip in the shower, toilet or washroom from a slippery surface
studies show that most people slip or fall in the bathroom which involves activities such as getting in or out of the bath
or shower, sitting and standing on the toilet and also walking and using towel bars. A shower commode will provide
you with more safety from falling and slipping which will prevent bumps and injuries.

3) Multiple Functions

When looking for mobility aids, shower commodes are useful because they provide multiple functions. Not only
are they used in the bathroom for the shower and toilet they can also be used in the bedroom to help with people
suffering from mobility issues. Shower commodes often also reduce the need of other transfer aids such as slings,
thanks to the wheels shower commodes have, people can be transferred throughout the house, outdoor areas, shops

4) Provides more independence

For many people independence in the bathroom is very important, as most people dont like to be helped or handled
in the bathroom for many reasons such as privacy. Shower commodes provide more support and assistance for people
to bathe, shower and use the toilet independently reducing the risk of falling and slipping.


As you can see shower commodes provide many benefits to people, here at treatably we provide a range of shower
commodes that are reasonably priced, high quality, safe and comfortable for all our customer. Please ensure to
check out our range on and ask our support for
help if you have any questions.

Age Care Products

Why are high quality aged care products important

Aged care products are important as they help people who are disabled, fragile, frail, elderly, and immobile
that’s why using high-quality aged products is important. However customers who purchase them, don’t emphasize
on high quality as much and their biggest factor when purchasing aged care products are cheap prices, yet cheap
prices usually lead to low-quality aged care products. Below are the reasons why it’s important to purchase and use
high-quality aged care products for yourself, friends, family, and patients.

1) Durability

Many low-quality aged care products are produced in countries such as China and India using much cheaper materials
and supplies, which in turn often causes products to damage, wear off, and break quicker, which often forces customers
to have their products to be replaced or fixed more often. With high-quality products they are going to last a lot longer
before they get damaged, here at Treatably many of our products such as commodes are manufactured in Germany with
high-quality materials to ensure our products last a long time

2) Safety

High-quality aged care products are also more likely to protect users more effectively and efficiently, safety is one of the most
important attributes to look at when purchasing commodes, wheelchairs, crutches, etc. High-quality aged care products are more
likely to protect users from falling and slipping from products which in turn prevents injuries and sometimes even death.

3) Comfort

With high-quality aged care products made with better materials, they also ensure customers have more comfort, support,
and range of motion for them, comfort is a very important factor when purchasing aged care products because most people
that suffer from injuries and disabilities are always looking to minimize the physical pain they are currently suffering and
are looking to increase their comfort that they experience while using these products.


As you can see there are many reasons why high-quality aged care products are important this is why at Treatably we ensure
to sell aged care products at the highest quality to ensure the best durability, safety, and comfort for all our customers.