Our Story

TREATABLY created in 2020 and based in Australia is an online retailer specialising in patient/aged care products. TREATABLY supplies world class products that provide the highest quality, comfort and recovery for all our customers.


We supply and support residential homes, nursing homes, hospitals and medical facilities etc with our products to provide for your needs as well as your patients, residents and family members needs.


You matter to us and we care about you, contact us today and let us choose the right products for you.

Why Choose Us

High Quality Products

Here at treatably we offer very high quality products, than ensures our customers experience high levels on comfort when using our products, that
our products are very durable lasting a very long time and also very safe for all customers.

Excellent Customer Support

Here at Treatably you can also rely on the service which we provide to our customers, ensuring you are dealt with kindly and quickly and that the right products are being recommended for any questions or issues that you have.

Free & Secure Shipping

Also Treatably offers free and secure shipping across Australia, to ensure that our products get to our customers as quickly as possible.

Our Team

Terry Lo
Terry Lo the motivated owner of Treatably, coming from a customer service and sales background, looking to improve the quality of the aged care industry in Australia to a very high level, by providing high quality products and services to provide more comfort, safety, and care for people.
Steven Thomas
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Thomas the CFO of Treatably with over 25 years of experience in Accounting and Financial Services, looking to provide incredible service to our customers and partners with his vast range of experience across different industries