Important things to search when looking at aged cares online

With todays advanced technology it is much easier to do our research online and through the internet
this goes for aged cares also when searching for aged cares online there is a lot of information that can
be found that will be beneficial and important for either yourself or family members who are looking to join
an aged care home. Here are the most important things to search when looking at aged cares online:

1) Aged cares near me
Usually it is better to find an aged care home that is closer to where you currently live this is mainly because
it will be a lot easier and closer for your family members and friends to visit you, whenever they desire and
will be a much shorter trip so that they are able to spend more time with you and visit more frequently.

2) Aged care reputation
When searching for aged cares online, you can easily find out how good its reputation is and this is important
in terms of the overall quality of the aged care home and also the quality of its equipment as well as the
care they provide. You can easily read up on reviews and comments which users provide, which ultimately
should be a big factor when choosing an aged care home.

3) Does the age care suit my needs?
Also when searching for aged cares online, it is important to check that they are suitable for the types
of injuries and conditions which you have for example dementia, does the aged care home have the
right sort of products and also the carers with the right experience and training to deal with your needs.
these are very important questions to find out

4) Aged care fees
Most aged care homes will provide their fees when you search them online it is important to search up
aged cares that can be affordable for you and your family there is no use in searching up aged cares that
are way beyond your budget.

Why are aged care products & aged care equipment important?

Aged care products and aged care equipment can come in various types such as rollators, commodes,
wheelchairs, crutches. They are important for people in aged care facilities, nursing homes, residential
homes and hospitals, here are three reasons why aged care products and aged care equipment are important.

1) They help aging individuals
As individuals get much older they can begin to become more fragile, frail and lose their mobility, aged care
products and aged care equipment provide individuals with more safety, comfort and mobility to make life
easier. They also allow individuals to remain as independent as possible.

2) They help reduce strain on carers and nurses
Being a carer or nurse for people is a very tough job, however aged care products and aged care equipment
helps reduce strain on these carers and nurses, by having products that make it easier to move them around,
help them in the toilet and bathroom.

3) They can potentially prolong individual lives
As aged care products and aged care equipment reduce the risk of injuries, strain and sometimes even death,
they can prolong the lives of people this is why it is very important to use high quality aged care products
when you are disabled, fragile and frail.

Things to consider when buying a walking frame

Walking frames also known as rollators are a very helpful support tool that helps the elderly
and disabled by providing support and balance when walking. Here are a few things that should
be considered when purchasing a walking frame.

1) Walking frames have to be moved by yourself

Even though most walking frames have wheels they need moving by the individual and they
dont move by themselves and without force, this means someone lacking the ability to manoeuvre
a walking frame will most likely be unsafe to use one.

2) Use an expert
In most instances it is important to use a doctor or occupational therapist to provide you
recommendations on which walking frames are best suited for you. They’ll be able to provide
good advice on walking frames that will support your needs, height and safety.

3) Consider additional accessories to your walking frame
Additional accessories can provide more accessibility, mobility and safety to walking frames
to help individuals more, things such as trays, bags, grip covers are examples of accessories
that can be added to walking frames.

4) Know your height and width requirements
It is important to know your height requirements when purchasing walking frames, this is mainly
for comfort and safety as well as your width requirements in things such as your house, bathroom,
and bedroom for manoeuvrability and accessibility.

Aged Care Products

Top Aged Care Products to use

Aged care products can be very useful for people who have injuries, disabilities, physical impairments and mobility issues
to provide them with more comfort, movement and support. Here are the top 4 aged care products that best help our customers:

1) Commodes: One of the most popular and useful aged care products used in aged care facilities, nursing homes,
residential homes and hospitals are commodes. Commodes are used for transporting patients who has mobility issues,
disabilities and injuries in areas such as the bathroom, shower, outdoors. They are very portable and mobile made
from materials such as plastic, steel and aluminium.

2) Rollators: Rollators are very good aged care products as they provide plenty of support and balance when walking.
They are very well designed and include things such as wheels, breaks and a rest seat. Rollators are not too expensive
and come in several shapes, sizes and colours.

3) Toilet seat raisers: An aged care product used by many people, toilet seat raisers help people in the toilet who suffers
from lack of mobility, discomfort and physical impairments. Toilet seat risers provide a comfortable seating area along
with additional support by locking firming into toilets and commodes.

4) Shower stools & Chairs: An aged care product used in the shower and bathroom environment they create a more
stable and safe environment for those that are frail, disabled and elderly. They are perfect for usage in homes, medical
centres and hospitals. These products are recommended for those suffering for knee and hip injuries.

Benefits of Shower Commodes

Benefits of Shower Commodes

Shower commodes are one of our most important products for our customers they are speciality units
used for transporting people with disabilities, injuries or other medical reasons. They are used around the shower, toilet, house,
outdoors etc. Here are 4 reasons as to why shower commodes are beneficial to our customers:

1) They are transportable

Shower commodes are usually very light and transportable meaning that it is easy to move around not just at home,
but can also easily be carried and fit into cars to stay at someone else’s home, a hotel, the hospital etc. Here at Treatably
we offer high quality shower commodes that can be easily transported to most places.

2) They improve your safety

In the bathroom there is a slight chance you can fall or slip in the shower, toilet or washroom from a slippery surface
studies show that most people slip or fall in the bathroom which involves activities such as getting in or out of the bath
or shower, sitting and standing on the toilet and also walking and using towel bars. A shower commode will provide
you with more safety from falling and slipping which will prevent bumps and injuries.

3) Multiple Functions

When looking for mobility aids, shower commodes are useful because they provide multiple functions. Not only
are they used in the bathroom for the shower and toilet they can also be used in the bedroom to help with people
suffering from mobility issues. Shower commodes often also reduce the need of other transfer aids such as slings,
thanks to the wheels shower commodes have, people can be transferred throughout the house, outdoor areas, shops

4) Provides more independence

For many people independence in the bathroom is very important, as most people dont like to be helped or handled
in the bathroom for many reasons such as privacy. Shower commodes provide more support and assistance for people
to bathe, shower and use the toilet independently reducing the risk of falling and slipping.


As you can see shower commodes provide many benefits to people, here at treatably we provide a range of shower
commodes that are reasonably priced, high quality, safe and comfortable for all our customer. Please ensure to
check out our range on and ask our support for
help if you have any questions.

Treatably Introduction

Hi everyone and welcome to Treatably we opened in 2020 as an online e-commerce store and based in Australia. We offer high-quality patient/aged care products to ensure the highest quality, comfort, and support for all our customers. Treatably is run by our owners Terry Lo coming from a business and sales background and Steven Thomas coming from an accounting and financial advising background.  Treatably has the vision to overall improve the standard of aged care in Australia to a much better position than it already is by providing products and in the future services that ensure all of our customers are comfortable, safe, and happy.

With our new website just created you can scroll through and purchase on our products very easily such as commodes, crutches, wedges, and wheelchairs. In order to help yourself, your friends, and your family, we also offer free and fast shipping Australia wide to ensure the safety of not having to go to a pharmacy or store to purchase your products especially with the coronavirus dangers still around.

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