Advantages and disadvantages of Vinyl, Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Today many businesses and individuals buy and use gloves. There are a wide
range of gloves available in the market however today we will be talking about
Vinyl, Nitrile and Latex gloves. It is always important to consider many factors
before purchasing gloves which involve things such as is it right for your budget
and are these gloves suitable to for the industry and environment you work in.
In this blog we will be talking about the advantages and disadvatages of these gloves.

1) Vinyl Gloves
Vinyl gloves manufactured from polyvinyl chloride are very popular today. The biggest
advantage of Vinyl gloves is that they are usually cheaper than Nitrile and Latex gloves
and they are also latex free and don’t cause any allergies or reactions. The disadvantages
of vinyl gloves however are that they are not as durable and strong as Nitrile and Latex gloves
plus they don’t provide as much protection.

2) Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile gloves are used in many industries with one of the most popular ones being the aged
care industry. Nitrile gloves provide greater protection and are very chemical resistant, they
are also more soft and comfortable to wear. Some disadvantages that it involves is that they are
most expensive to produce and more expensive in the market. They are also less tactile sensitive
than latex gloves.

3) Latex Gloves
Latex gloves are made from natural rubber and are largely used in areas such as surgery. The advantages
of it is that they are tactile sensitive and preferred during surgery procedures. Latex gloves
are also durable and more comfortable to wear. Some disadvantages of these gloves are they are not
very chemical resistant compared to other gloves and can also cause skin reactions and allergies.

These types of gloves have its disadvantages and advantages and it is very important to weigh them
up before purchasing and making sure which gloves best suits you or your business and the situation you
are facing. At Treatably we sell both Vinyl and Nitrile gloves which can be seen on our website below.

Important things to search when looking at aged cares online

With todays advanced technology it is much easier to do our research online and through the internet
this goes for aged cares also when searching for aged cares online there is a lot of information that can
be found that will be beneficial and important for either yourself or family members who are looking to join
an aged care home. Here are the most important things to search when looking at aged cares online:

1) Aged cares near me
Usually it is better to find an aged care home that is closer to where you currently live this is mainly because
it will be a lot easier and closer for your family members and friends to visit you, whenever they desire and
will be a much shorter trip so that they are able to spend more time with you and visit more frequently.

2) Aged care reputation
When searching for aged cares online, you can easily find out how good its reputation is and this is important
in terms of the overall quality of the aged care home and also the quality of its equipment as well as the
care they provide. You can easily read up on reviews and comments which users provide, which ultimately
should be a big factor when choosing an aged care home.

3) Does the age care suit my needs?
Also when searching for aged cares online, it is important to check that they are suitable for the types
of injuries and conditions which you have for example dementia, does the aged care home have the
right sort of products and also the carers with the right experience and training to deal with your needs.
these are very important questions to find out

4) Aged care fees
Most aged care homes will provide their fees when you search them online it is important to search up
aged cares that can be affordable for you and your family there is no use in searching up aged cares that
are way beyond your budget.