Aged Care Products

Top Aged Care Products to use

Aged care products can be very useful for people who have injuries, disabilities, physical impairments and mobility issues
to provide them with more comfort, movement and support. Here are the top 4 aged care products that best help our customers:

1) Commodes: One of the most popular and useful aged care products used in aged care facilities, nursing homes,
residential homes and hospitals are commodes. Commodes are used for transporting patients who has mobility issues,
disabilities and injuries in areas such as the bathroom, shower, outdoors. They are very portable and mobile made
from materials such as plastic, steel and aluminium.

2) Rollators: Rollators are very good aged care products as they provide plenty of support and balance when walking.
They are very well designed and include things such as wheels, breaks and a rest seat. Rollators are not too expensive
and come in several shapes, sizes and colours.

3) Toilet seat raisers: An aged care product used by many people, toilet seat raisers help people in the toilet who suffers
from lack of mobility, discomfort and physical impairments. Toilet seat risers provide a comfortable seating area along
with additional support by locking firming into toilets and commodes.

4) Shower stools & Chairs: An aged care product used in the shower and bathroom environment they create a more
stable and safe environment for those that are frail, disabled and elderly. They are perfect for usage in homes, medical
centres and hospitals. These products are recommended for those suffering for knee and hip injuries.